1. The Vitech YouTube channel

    The Vitech YouTube channel

    Geleen, 29 March 2018 We understand that buying new machines for your plant is a highly intensive process with several important aspects to consider. You want the machine that suit your business best.

    YouTube Channel

    To ensure that our customers are fully convinced of our machines' capabilities and condition, Vitech International reassures its customers by uploading demo videos of our machines. When a customer has special needs, or requirements, we are willing to show these via a demo video. Our engineers will start the machine and opperate it according to our customers wishes. Via this way our customers can see the running condition of our machines without having the trouble of coming to our workshop in the Netherlands. Check out our YouTube channel

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  2. The Extraordinary Printed Circuit Boards.

    The Extraordinary Printed Circuit Boards.

    Geleen, 9 November 2017 - Due to technical innovation, the printed circuit board is being rediscovered. People all over the world try to redevelop the classic circuit board. And with a rise of small devices like mobile phones the demand for small circuit boards rise’s. This has led to numerous solutions.


    Flexible PCB’s

    In big devices like computers the circuit board is rigged, when the device is compact like a small camera or a mobile phone the circuit board must be flexible. It needs to fold to fit inside. This is where the flexible circuit boards comes in.

    Flexible circuit boards are so thin employable their nickname is origami circuitry. At the core of the board is a hear thin polymer film that’s both

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  3. PCB’s Make the World Go Round

    PCB’s Make the World Go Round

    Geleen, 18 January 2018 - Welcome back to our weekly blog and the first blog of 2018! In 2017 we had the last blog of the series about History of Vitech International BV. This week we will kick off with a general blog about the importance of PCB's, enjoy.

    Money makes the world go round. A well-known phrase often used by people all over the world. But is it correct? Is it really ‘money’ that makes the world go round. Here at Vitech, we disagree. We believe that printed circuit boards, PCB’s for short, make the world go round!     

    Of course, the first question that arises, why? Why should printed circuit boards make the world go round instead of money? Money is used for virtually anything. We value products with money, we pay with money and we use money to s

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  4. Vitech Services BV

    Vitech Services BV

    Geleen, 19 October 2017Welcome back to our weekly blog, this week we will continue the series about, the history of Vitech International B.V. We’ll dive into a particular part of our history which is, Vitech Services. We brought Vitech services up in a previous blog, and in this week’s blog, we will give you an insight into the core business of Vitech Services BV.


    Over 25 years ago in 1990 Vitech Services BV was founded in Geleen, the Netherlands. Vitech Services was a provider of PCB test services, including board t

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  5. Timeline of Vitech International BV

    Timeline of Vitech International BV

    Geleen, 19 October 2017Welcome back at our weekly blog. This week we will start a new series which will be about the, History of Vitech International BV. Like every other company, Vitech has experienced a lot to become what it is today. With today’s blog we want to tell you a little bit about this history, and we will visualise this history using a timeline.

    Where it all started.

    Over 25 years ago Vitech was founded in Geleen, the Netherlands, testing and measuring prin

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  6. Refurbished Parts

    Refurbished Parts

    Geleen, 19 October 2017And yet again we have come to an end of the series the new vitech international BV. This week’s blog will be about our stock, our refurbished stock in particular. We want to elucidate the pros and cons of a refurbished part, by explaining what refurbished exactly is. So hopefully at the end of this blog, you’ve gained some understanding of why we give you the opportunity to choose for a refurbished part.

    What is refurbished?

    Refurbished is a popular word, many companies try to sell you refurbished parts. For example, refurbished iPhones, refurbished computers or even refurbished office supply. But does refurbished exactly mean, and why shoul

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  7. With a New Direction, Comes a New Facility

    With a New Direction, Comes a New Facility

    Geleen, 9 November 2017Last week we had the last part of the series The people of Vitech. This week we’ll start with a new series, the new Vitech International BV. This week’s subject is, With a new direction, comes a new facilityDue to the growth of Vitech, there was a need for new offices and a bigger workshop. We fulfilled this need by moving into the neighbouring property which is at the same location as before: Heiweg 14, Geleen in The Netherlands.

    Old location

    We will not leave our previous location entirely. As a result

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  8. Twinning is Winning

    Twinning is Winning

    Geleen, 19 October 2017 - This is the last part of the series, The people of Vitech. Last week’s blog was about, our employees, and this week’s blog will be about the directors of Vitech International BV. And no, directors is not a misspelling, the plural is correct, because we do not have one director, but two. They may look the same and that’s because they are identical twins!

    Our Directors

    We would like to introduce our directors, each one of them has his own set of skills and own responsibility within theorgan

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  9. The Employees of Vitech International BV.

    The Employees of Vitech International BV.

    Geleen, 5 October 2017- A new week with a new blog. This week we’ll introduce part 2 of the series, The people of Vitech. After our first part, our customers, this week’s subject will be about another critical aspect of our company, Our employees.


    Years of knowledge and experience.

    Our team of engineers bring years of knowledge and experience to the Vitech team. They have different backgrounds, ranging from working at PCB manufacturers to electricians. Some of our employees have been with us for 15 incredible years. This is proof of the engagement of our employees. Others have just started their time with us and bring in valuable, up to date knowledge. This combina

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  10. The New VitechParts

    The New VitechParts

    Geleen, 5 October 2017 - Currently we are writing about the series The people of Vitech. But this doesn't stop us form uploading another blog. Because today, we want to officially announce Vitechparts. You might have noticed it already that Vitech is going through some changes. Not only PCB-equipment is having some necessary improvements, we also have a new website which has its focus solely on the Parts division.


    What is Vitechparts.

    Vitech International BV made the choice to divi

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