VitechParts offers a wide range of Blower and Ventilator parts for the industrial market. You can see our complete real time stock below or filter by brands and condition. Parts are either New, Refurbished or Used, but in good working condition.

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VitechParts offers a Wide range of Blower and Ventilator Parts for the industrial market.

We have divided this group in Blowers and Ventilators. Filters have been added to this Category because they are Complementary to Blowers and Ventilators.

Blower, a blower or a centrifugal fan is a device that moves air or other gases. The purpose of a blower is to increase the speed and volume of air moving through a machine or part. The difference between blowers and fans is the pressure ratio that it can achieve. A Blower is often stronger and produces a higher pressure ratio. We have a wide range of different brands for blowers like, Siemens, Elektror and Dietz

Ventilator, A ventilator is a turbomachine that moves gas or air. Often ventilators are used to move fresh air into a specific place or room to cool something down. Diving into the way ventilators are constructed we can divide a ventilator into 2 different groups. Axial ventilators and radial ventilators. We have a wide range of different brands for ventilators like, Elektror, Sodeca and Mistral

Filter, a filter is a part composed of fibrous materials. These materials can be of different sizes related to the necessary application. The purpose of a filter is to remove dust, mould and bacteria from air. When air quality is important, filters are used. We have a wide range of different brands for filters like, Festo, Norgren and Parker.


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