Cameras | Optical accessoires

VitechParts offers a wide range of industrial cameras and optical accessiores. You find all our stock items below, filterable by brand, condition and stock-status. Stock items will be shipped within 1 business day! All spare parts, including used and refurbished items, include our 100% worry-free warranty!

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VitechParts offers a wide range of Cameras, Industrial Computers and Monitors for the Industrial Market. In this category we have combined several related parts into one larger category.  The first one are the Cameras, and CCD’s (Charge-Coupled-Device /CCD) in particular. CCD is a chip that transforms electromagnetic radiation into an electric charge. CCD’s are most known for being used as the chip that transforms photographic images into an electric signal. You can find a CCD behind the lens of a digital camera. The captured light is transformed into an electric signal. Next this signal is again transformed by another chip into a digital signal, in binary code. This binary code is understandable for a computer. We have a wide range of different brands for CCD cameras, like Hamamatsu, Sony and Mania.

The second group are the Industrial Computers and Monitors. Primarily Industrial Computers are used for data acquisition or the control of a process. All the available data is shown on special monitors, developed for the particular task they are used for. The software used in these computers are often custom written for a particular application. Typically Industrial Computers and Monitors are characterised by being manufactured in lower volumes than consumer used computers and monitors. Consequently this results in higher prices. We have a wide range of different brands for Industrial Computers and Monitors like, Divus, Elo and Proface.