About VitechParts


VitechParts is an online store, specialized in new, refurbished and used industrial machine parts.

You can use our advanced search engine to find your desired replacement part. Items ordered from stock can be paid, packed and shipped worldwide immediately.

VitechParts is powered by Vitech Parts BV. We have over 25 years of experience, and in-depth knowledge of industrial machine parts. Since 1990 we have sold thousands of used PCB machines and spare parts to satisfied customers worldwide.

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Core values of VitechParts

-          300.000 Parts available from stock. We ship worldwide within 0-4 days.

-          More than 25 years of experience and proficient knowledge of industrial production machine parts.

-          Reliable conditions. Vitech Parts BV assures customers reliable conditions of its new, used and refurbished parts.


In a market where throwing away and buying new is becoming the standard, we want to support a sustainable economy. To promote this, VitechParts is giving its clients the chance to either buy new or used Products.

Here at VitechParts we believe in the possibilities of re-using parts before discarding them, with the quality of our product as the main focus.

We take our corporate social responsibility seriously. By giving parts a second life we lower the carbon footprint and environmental impact of ourselves as well as our clients.

Our team of specialists stands by to help you. With over 25 years of experience and extended market knowledge we can match and exceed your demands.

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