Rotary Encoders

VitechParts offers a wide Range of Rotary Encoders for the Industrial Market.You can see our Complete Real Time Stock below or filter by Brands and Condition. Parts are either New, Refurbished or Used, but in good working condition.

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VitechParts offers a wide range of Rotary Encoders for the industrial market. Rotary Encoders also known as shaft encoders, are electro-mechanical devices that convert the angular position or motion of a shaft or axle to an Aaalogue or digital Code. We provide Encoders in two different conditions: New and Used. Used parts are dismantled from machines that are in good working conditions. Encoders and other equipment from various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) are represented: such as Mitutoyo and Heidenhain and many more. Click here to overview all available Encoder-brands.


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