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VitechParts offers a wide range of different pumps for the industrial market. You can see our complete real time stock below or filter by brands and condition. Parts are either New, Refurbished or Used, but in good working condition.

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VitechParts offers a wide range of pumps for the industrial market, like diaphragm pumps, dosing pumps, magnet pumps, vacuum pumps and vertical pumps. Each pump has its own applicability, below we will describe the characteristics of each of these pumps. Starting with the diaphragm pump.

Diaphragm Pump, this pump is part of the displacement pumps, they are mostly used pumping hazardous fluids. A characteristic of a diaphragm pump is the pulsating flow of the fluid. This can lead to high pressures in the Pipelines. We have a wide range of different Brands of Diaphragm Pumps likeAlmatecYamada and Wilden.

Dosing Pump, is a positive displacement pump, used to pump chemical substances to the chemical production process. Often dosing pumps are made from plastic, stainless steel or steel. A characteristic of a dosing pump is that they are low volume pumps. We have a wide range of different brands of dosing pumps likeEMECElados and Prominent.

Magnet pump, A Magnetic Pump moves liquid metal using electromagnetism. With a magnetic field focused at a certain angle, the liquid is moved in a direction. Applications include pumping liquid metal through a cooling system. We have a wide range of different brands of magnetic pumps like, SpalHendor and Iwaki.

Vacuum Pump, with a Vacuum Pump you are able to create a Vacuum. In essence the way it works is similar to a compressor, however the use is not at the pressure side but on the suction side. The main purpose of a vacuum pump is to remove air from a space to lower the pressure in that space. We have a wide range of different brands of Vacuum Pumps likeBuschGast and Trafag.

Vertical Pump, or Cantilever Pumps are pumps that use a unique shaft that allows the volute to hang in a sump while bearings are outside the sump. No stuffing box is used in this style of pump, instead a throttle bushing is used to seal the shaft. We have a wide range of different brands of Vertical Pumps likeGrundfosWorld Chemical and Stubbe.


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