VitechParts offers a wide range of drives, controller boards, power supplies, servo drives, inverters & converters for the industrial market. You can see our complete real time stock below or filter by brands and condition. Parts are either new, used or refurbished.

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VitechParts offers a wide range of drives and other industrial electronics, such as; servo drives, controller boards, power supplies, inverters and converters. We divided the large group of drives into several smaller productgroups.

Controller Boards, In short a controller board is the interface between a computer and the display. With the controller board you are able to visually see what is going on in your computer. The controller board transmits data and converts this data to a usable format. We have a wide range of different Brands for controller boards like: Sieb & Meyer, Siemens and Lenze.

Power Supplies, In electronic devices, the power supply is the part of a device that ensures the voltage and current that is needed. The power supply transforms the electrical energy in a form with a voltage and frequency suitable for the device. There are two different main kinds of power supplies. First the linear power supply, suitable for the power grid, second the switching power supply. We have a wide range of different brands for power supplies like, Nemic-Lambda, Siemens and Omron.

Servo Drives, To power electric servomechanisms, a servo drive is used. Servo Drivers are basically a special electronic amplifier. This servo driver monitors all of the feedback signals it gets from the servomechanism and continually adjusts. Usually servo drivers are used in industries like, CNC machining, automation and robotics. Main advantage in comparison with alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) motors is the motor feedback. We have a wide range of different brands for servo drivers like, Pacific Scientific, Bautz and Kollmorgen.

Inverter/Converter, To change direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) an inverter or power inverter is used. A converter on the other hand is a device that changes the voltage of an electrical power source. When combined with other components a power supply can be created. We have a wide range of different brands for inverters and converters like, Lenze, Siemens and Mitsubishi.