100% Vitech, 100% Green

Geleen, 11 January 2019 - Vitech International B.V. is proud to announce that since recently we use 100% green power. Our energy is generated by wind in the North Sea and our own solar panels.

Solar energy and its panels are sustainable and soundless. The energy that it generates is immediately used to power our offices, workshop and storage.  And if more power is generated than we need, it’ll be saved for those days the sun won’t show its face or transferred into the grid at the disposal of others. A solar panel has a lifespan of 30 to 40 years and barely needs maintenance. The maximum efficiency is reached when the panels are in direct sunlight. However, even on a cloudy day or in winter, it still produces enough electricity to power a household.

To be sure of using explicitly green energy - even on those days the sun isn’t shining bright – we replete any shortage with wind energy.
Our sustainable energy is generated by the Zeebrugge windmill park in the North Sea. The park has a total of 55 wind turbines spread over 17 km2. The wind turbines do not use fossil fuels nor do they emit co2; the energy is 100% renewable without burdening the environment.

We have chosen specifically for energy from the wind turbines in the North Sea, as the park does not only provide 100% green energy. The park creates a healthy and peaceful environment for fish and fauna to live undisturbed, as ships aren’t allowed to go near the windmill park. Sea-life blooms at the bottom of the windmills.
Besides a better life for our underwater friends, windmills located in the sea also generate approximately 40% more energy than windmills on land. This is because there are no buildings or other obstacles to stop the wind flow. The wind turbines are higher on sea than on land as well, because sound nor the view troubles anyone.
Wind turbines can be fully recycled and have a 20 year lifespan. Every year one wind turbine generates enough energy for 3.000 families per year.

We are proud to say we are reducing our carbon footprint on the environment and working on a bright future for our planet!