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  1. Do You Feel The Power In The Air?

    Do You Feel The Power In The Air?

    Geleen, 1 February 2019 - Reducing our carbon footprint starts with the energy we use. As announced before, we have switched to green energy. In the previous blog, you can read all about solar panels. But what if the solar panels do not generate enough energy to power our workshop and offices?
    Our solar energy is supplemented with wind energy by the Zeebrugge windmill park to guarantee 100% green energy. But how is wind turned into energy?

    A wind turbine has three blades, which are set in motion by the wind. As they rotate, the movement is turned into electricity by a generator in the nacelle. Just like when you ride your bike; the rotation is turned

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  2. 100% Vitech, 100% Green

    100% Vitech, 100% Green

    Geleen, 11 January 2019 - Vitech International B.V. is proud to announce that since recently we use 100% green power. Our energy is generated by wind in the North Sea and our own solar panels.

    Solar energy and its panels are sustainable and soundless. The energy that it generates is immediately used to power our offices, workshop and storage.  And if more power is generated than we need, it’ll be saved for those days the sun won’t show its face or transferred into the grid at the disposal of others. A solar panel has a lifespan of 30 to 40 years and barely needs maintenance. The maximum effi

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