1. Four facts about circuit boards you probably didn't know.

    Four facts about circuit boards you probably didn't know.

    Geleen 3 September 2018 – By now most of you know what printed circuit boards are, how they look and what they are used for. But there are still many things you probably didn’t know. Therefore, here are some fun and cool facts about printed circuit boards.


    1.       Why are printed circuit boards green?

    As you probably would have noticed almost every pcb has that distinctive green collor. But why? Why green and not blue, or red? Well the green that you see is the colour of the soldermask showing through the upper glass layer.

    But is there a specific reason printed circuit boards are green? The short answer is no. There isn’t a specific reason why pcb’s are green. One theory states, that the green has to do with the standard used by the American military, and use of it spread from there. While another theory suggests that green could have been the colour of the original solder mask resin, used

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  2. New workshop

    New workshop

    Geleen 20 July 2018 – In the blog with a new direction comes a new facility we spoke about our new premises. This new premises does not only offer place for new offices but for a completely new fully equipped workshop as well.

    What is new.

    The new location provides our mechanics with a more spacious and well equipped workshop. With more room to manoeuvre and test machines the work environment is improved. Furthermore, the efficiency is changed for the better as all the materials used for refurbishment are better structured and can be located more easily. With this more spacious workshop our employees are capable of setting up industrial machine lines up to 20 meters in length. The same building provides the employees with new facilities like restrooms, a new canteen and a new dressing room with lockers and

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  3. The Vitech YouTube channel

    The Vitech YouTube channel

    Geleen, 29 March 2018 We understand that buying new machines for your plant is a highly intensive process with several important aspects to consider. You want the machine that suit your business best.

    YouTube Channel

    To ensure that our customers are fully convinced of our machines' capabilities and condition, Vitech International reassures its customers by uploading demo videos of our machines. When a customer has special needs, or requirements, we are willing to show these via a demo video. Our engineers will start the machine and opperate it according to our customers wishes. Via this way our customers can see the running condition of our machines without having the trouble of coming to our workshop in the Netherlands. Check out our YouTube channel

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  4. PCB’s Make the World Go Round

    PCB’s Make the World Go Round

    Geleen, 18 January 2018 - Welcome back to our weekly blog and the first blog of 2018! In 2017 we had the last blog of the series about History of Vitech International BV. This week we will kick off with a general blog about the importance of PCB's, enjoy.

    Money makes the world go round. A well-known phrase often used by people all over the world. But is it correct? Is it really ‘money’ that makes the world go round. Here at Vitech, we disagree. We believe that printed circuit boards, PCB’s for short, make the world go round!     

    Of course, the first question that arises, why? Why should printed circuit boards make the world go round instead of money? Money is used for virtually anything. We value products with money, we pay with money and we use money to store

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  5. Timeline of Vitech International BV

    Timeline of Vitech International BV

    Geleen, 19 October 2017Welcome back at our weekly blog. This week we will start a new series which will be about the, History of Vitech International BV. Like every other company, Vitech has experienced a lot to become what it is today. With today’s blog we want to tell you a little bit about this history, and we will visualise this history using a timeline.

    Where it all started.

    Over 25 years ago Vitech was founded in Geleen, the Netherlands, testing and measuring printed ci

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  6. Rather have Complete Machines? is Your Way to Go!

    Rather have Complete Machines? is Your Way to Go!

    Geleen, 23 May 2017 -  Just obsolete spare parts do not fulfil your needs and are you looking for a complete machine replacement? With over 700 available production machines is your way to go! is hosted by Vitech International BV, which is one of the largest internet trading platforms, specialized in used PCB production machines, since 1990. For years has sold and intermediated thousands of used PCB machines to satisfied customers.

    700+ machines in has over 700 used production machines displayed and available from stock, including new arrivals every week. Cust

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