PCB’s Make the World Go Round

Geleen, 18 January 2018 - Welcome back to our weekly blog and the first blog of 2018! In 2017 we had the last blog of the series about History of Vitech International BV. This week we will kick off with a general blog about the importance of PCB's, enjoy.

Money makes the world go round. A well-known phrase often used by people all over the world. But is it correct? Is it really ‘money’ that makes the world go round. Here at Vitech, we disagree. We believe that printed circuit boards, PCB’s for short, make the world go round!     

Of course, the first question that arises, why? Why should printed circuit boards make the world go round instead of money? Money is used for virtually anything. We value products with money, we pay with money and we use money to store our savings. Yet here at Vitech, we say printed circuit board might be even more important.

To explain you our way of thinking we first need to clarify what printed circuit boards are and what they are used for.

What is a printed circuit board?

A printed circuit board, is a board which connects different electrical components. On these boards, you can see lines and pads that connect the components together. Solder connects the parts on the board, which allows power and signals to travel on the PCB. A printed circuit board is made up out of layers of different materials, laminated together with a combination of heat and high pressure. A typical printed circuit boards consists of fibreglass, copper, solder mask and a silkscreen. Each one having its own purpose, like protection or conduction.

What are printed circuit boards used for?

The better question we could ask ourselves here is, what are printed circuit boards not used for. Printed circuit boards are being used for almost everything which has something to do with electricity. You could imagine that this has absolutely no limits. In a globalizing world and a rise in the Internet of Things, the demand and usage of electrical devices grows exponentially. With it does the usage of printed circuit boards. People aren’t always aware when they are dealing with a printed circuit boards, due to the fact that they are most of the time invisible, tucked away deep inside your electrical device. So next time you use your mobile phone, laptop, start your car or pay your groceries with your bank card. Give a little appreciation to the printed circuit boards that make all of this possible.

Now you know what PCB’s are and what they are used for, let’s get back to our initial statement. Why do we think that printed circuit boards make the world go round?

It is fairly simple, imagine a world without PCB’s. You wouldn’t be able to drive your car, trains wouldn't ride, the whole transportation sector would collapse. But it doesn’t stop here, think about the financial sector. Large stock exchanges like Wall Street wouldn’t be able to continue their normal way of trading. And think about the health industry, the profound techniques used for surgery can’t be used. Human lives are at stake here! And your personal consequences? Going to the ATM and withdrawing money? Not going to happen. ATM’s and all other electrical devices can’t work without PCB’s.

So a world with an abundance of money, but no printed circuit boards would be, unsustainable. And that is why, here at Vitech International BV, we say, printed circuit boards make the world go round.  

Thank you for reading our latest blog. We will continue our blogs throughout 2018 and we hope that we can keep you informed about developments within our company and within the market.